Dress Up and Talk Right for Success

credit TEDx Talks youtube channel
But First, the Right Mental Attitude

Having a sense of purpose includes selecting our wardrobe according to goals, social and professional goals. To accomplish objectives in the work place or any career, one needs to have the right frame of mind, the drive for success, the stamina when faced with challenges, and the discipline of persistence. In my previous articles, I spoke about the need to select the right empowering language to describe and define our experiences. This is important, because the words we use shape our realities and can either spill disaster or pave the path to great things.

Here are three tips to follow when you meet someone in the professional setting for the first time:

11 Dress Nice on a Budget 

We are fortunate to live in the age of Internet. We can literally look up any topic and find instructional videos on it. Learning how to dress is easy now with Youtube. One does not need the services of a life coach, a savvy friend or a neighbor to learn about fashion styles and etiquettes. All it takes is a click of the mouse. I watched fashion videos that range from showing viewers how to dress fancy on a low-cost budget and looking sexy for a date, to what to wear for an interview and how to rock a classy cocktail dresses. Go online and watch a few videos on how to dress for success.



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