Best Passive Income Opportunities

When people get tired of living without any goals in their life, they start looking for the answers, however, the exact answer for their life struggling, is in their life itself, if they develop strong habits, and principals, they will find the real meaning of life, by creating a  healthy  lifestyle, such  a valuable habit, like a healthy diet, enough sleeping time ,and exercising regularly, it’s a great food for the physical and psychological health,

also, we can get a lot of benefits  by engaging in many hobbies, that we love, in our free time, it boosts our energy, and enhance our performance, and productivity, and become more creative, hobbies are a great way for  leisure and recreation, what about making money, with your hobbies  ? In this article, I am going to show you how your hobbies can make you, a good income.


If you enjoy writing, you can make money with your hobby, there are many websites that offer you a great service to connect you with the clients, like


Social Media

if you are addicted to social media  like Facebook, Tumblr, Linked In, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest you can build a useful list of followers, and start making money from that, by promoting some companies’ product via internet marketing, like affiliate marketing, here are some programs


Amazon Associates.
CJ affiliate.

online gaming

do you spend your entire day playing online games, turn that into a money maker, by sharing your experience with others, and enjoy your hobby, and get paid for that, here are  Sites Where You Get Paid to Play Games Online and make money from that.

Exodus 3000

Handmade Crafting

if you are mastering any  craft, it is a good thing, that will make you money, the handmade stuff, is very valuable, and people love to buy it, here are where you can sell your DIY products

Amazon Handmade.
Big Cartel.
Craft Is Art.


do you love taking pictures? That is amazing, you do not need to be professional to do that, you can turn your hobby for photography into a money-making make money, here are some websites when you can sell your photos.

Photo Moolah

Personal grocery shopper

Many People are busy, to  go shopping for themselves.some of them are unable for that; because of their jobs time, or they have some personal causes, if you enjoy shopping, these people are willing to pay you to make shopping, start a personal shopper online business, at least for the beginning, start with your friends, and relatives, and keep growing your business until you reach  a  huge  number  of customers, is  all start with an  idea.

Cooking &Baking

If you have the passion for cooking in general, you are the lucky one to make money from your hobby, by creating a blog, to post your recipes, and tips for people, or create a Youtube channel, to promote your homemade recipes, then it is the time to make money from your work by monetizing your channel, or blog.

Giving Advice and support answers

If you are knowledgeable in many life fields, and you like to help people solve their problems, by giving them support with your knowledge, this is for you to turn your hobby into a money making, these websites offer you a job, to help people with your answers and support.

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