How to Avoid Addiction Triggers 5 Steps in the Right Direction

How to overcome any kind of addiction? in order to do that, you need to completely understand what is an addiction? and how it takes place? In the mind has three systems the conscious, subconscious; and the unconscious and all these three systems work for you, your control only on the conscious so how this addiction of any kind takes place? when you consciously start doing something, it gets registered in all three of your systems, when you continue doing the same thing, it transforms into a habit. Addiction is basically a habit gone out of your control, now this transformation greatly depends on the nature of the thing, that you’re doing, and what do.

I mean by nature of the thing here means does it give you pleasure, pain, does it cause irritation, the nature of the act decides whether it will become a habit, sooner or later basically things that give you pleasure, requiring minimum effort are more likely to become a habit much faster than things that take a lot of effort and give less pleasure. Let’s divide it into short-term happiness long-term happiness, short-lived happiness achieved by things that give a short burst of pleasure, like joke, hanging out with friends, chatting online with girls, watching comedy on YouTube, masturbation, eating drinking, smoking, checking face booking, chatting Instagram you get the picture the thing common in all of these activities is you receive great pleasure, while doing them but the moment they end the pleasure dies so in order to keep feeling good you need to repeat them, and after the repetition it becomes an addiction, without even realizing you’re addicted.

That’s why it’s so hard to become addicted to training, unlike porn, Facebook, versus and scrolling tapes in social networks. In training, studying, studying something from scratch, creating or building something, there is almost no pleasure if you do not like it. Often this is just a very hard job. I know that I repeat myself, but I do it intentionally because it is very important. This is the reason why, after many generations, people will continue to become.

Do you want to avoid this? Keep short-term pleasure in attention, because you can not completely avoid them.

1 STEP 1

Develop new skills and move away from loneliness, most likely being the biggest trigger of your can be a to be a winner, so Focus on long-term pleasures. Choose difficult ways, hard work. And follow this steps to overcome any kind of addiction.

2 STEP 2

Make a measure in your life. We all need fun, relationships, friends, fun and ways to relax, but all of them should be associated with a choice, not with randomness or external beliefs.

3 STEP 3

Understand that the idea of the fun comes with responsibility and self-control. Because every action has consequences. This is a natural law: every action has consequences – moral, physical or all at once. So you do not have to think that nothing will flow out of the action, as long as it disappears under a wide range of pleasures

4 STEP 4

if you are addicted to substances or drugs, you should seriously take into account medical help, support of family and friends and, possibly, the definition of a rehabilitation center.

5 STEP 5

Become part of the community, help where assistance is needed, contact public organizations. And Try to create an active social life by finding your own public interests. What connects you to this world? And find out what you can give to your community as a value.

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