How Does Technology Impact Your Daily Life


There’s nothing more emotional than the first trip to Morocco, after spending 5 years living in the USA, really, it was a fantastic vacation, with a brilliant scenery which found a special spot in my heart, and keeps my mind thinking to go back next year, based on its political, which Morocco is one of the most attractive places to visit in North Africa. Really I enjoyed all the places that I visited, from the four historical capital cities of Morocco: like Fes, Marrakesh, Meknes, and Rabat, to luxury desert Camps of Merzouga, I enjoyed a spectacular nomadic experience and much more.

However, when I was in my way back from the Sahara, to the city, my smartphone shut off, no power, at that moment,I do not know what happened to me, because my smartphone is everything for me it is the engine that keeps my life moving forward, with my phone I can
do everything I want, for example, booking hotels, or flight ticket, book a taxi, or shopping online, or make a reservation in my favorite restaurant ,and may great services that make my life much easier, when I got to the first station in my way I grabbed a few times to relax and charge my phone, imagine when I plugged my phone with my laptop and start charging, I feel like the world start moving at that moment, it’s the power of digital technology.

In these articles, I am going to show you what can smart devices like your smartphone do for you and how you can make your life much easier

22 Booking a taxi

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Grab taxi
Easy taxi


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