Great Ways to Change the World.Stop Being a Spectator.


In our living all the people can make a difference in our life,but not all of them can make a difference in the positive way , if you want the whole world to recognize you and make your special touch that will help people around you.or in the is sad that the most of the people they are living other peoples life,they had dreams and plans,but the tragic thing, they take their dreams with them to their grave, instead of living their
,they liver other people joy.if you want to be unique and change the world with the special product that you will offer,you should start with yourself and provide your awesome potentials to the world

There are many greatest souls across the world, that made and still making a great contribution to the humanity, like,Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi. Karl Marx. Abraham Lincoln,  Muhammad Ali  , Mother Teresa, Buddha, George Orwell, Steve jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, one of the best ways to start the changing process is by studying, learning and gaining knowledge, will allow you to connect with the world source, and make your mind sharp to creativity and innovation.especially in the digital age, it helps you connect with the world and make a huge networking with all the people that will help you to collect a huge data, that will inspire you to create many great ideas, it could solve many humanity problems, in this article I will show you my top list of the book that will help you make you touch in the world.

2The Prince

By Niccolo Machiaveli
This book is a great source in the art of the state, and how to gain power and try to keep it in your side, it has Plenty of good lessons for a politician, also for regular people if you know how to read between the lines,great book,you have to read it to discover how the world works.