Great Ways to Change the World: Stop Being a Spectator!

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Making a difference in the world means being unique and authentic. Most of us live someone else’s dream, someone else’s conception or plan, as we fit into molds created for us by others. No wonder we find ourselves in jobs where we don’t fit, where we suffer from negligent or abusive bosses, shallow colleagues, or much worse, our own fears of never being happy.

However, it does not have to be like this. Our school system never teaches us to be unique, liberated, and self-made. From an early age, it inculcates us with already made ideas of who we want to be when we grow up. We are asked to pick from a selection of clear-cut careers and professions. We are told we can become doctors, teachers, engineers, etc., But we are not encouraged to perceive the world in our new lens, to see the world in our unique vision, to observe what needs to be fixed, changed, or eradicated. A few of us, those great personalities of history challenged the status-quo and became great leaders, inventors, and pioneers. The rest sadly remain spectators or consumers at best.

History has known great souls across the world who made and are still making a great contribution to humanity. These include Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi. Karl Marx. Abraham Lincoln,  Muhammad Ali  , Mother Teresa, Buddha, George Orwell, Steve jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. These leaders all dared to do things differently, but first, they had the discipline to work hard, to sacrifice their time and well-being, and to pass on the legacy to others so that they may also drink from the fountain of knowledge.

For all these individuals, it all started with the self, with having a great character, thirsty for knowledge and success, not retracting in the face of hardship. They had innovative ideas that led to wonderful revolutions in thought and practice, but having the creative spirit to come up with new things does not happen in vacuum. It takes long hours of study and discipline. It demands a constant desire to learn new things and to ask difficult questions. These leaders become a source of comfort and guidance to others. They pinpoint problems, define new concepts, and solve problems.

Those, for example, who pioneered the digital age helped us connect with the world, access new informational horizons, and network with like-minded individuals who can be potential mates, business partners, or even consumers. Below, I show you my top list of the books that will help you make your touch in the world.

1How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas

By David Bornstien

This is a great book that talks about real–life people who are doing magnificent things in the world. It is highly inspiring to say the least. It provides the reader with a good introduction about the work of social entrepreneurship; what it means, and how you can apply its strategies effectively. It is really a master piece and a must read for those who want to make a positive change in their small community or in the world at large.