Top Ways to Be Likeable and Influence Others

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Being rude can spell disaster in a person’s life, both socially and professionally. Leadership consists, above all, in reinforcing good rapport with others and maintaining a strong connection with those around us. This cannot happen without being trusted at some level, in short, without being liked. Aristotle and others from ancient times understood the role played by character in leadership. They did not use words like “success,” but they insisted on projecting a warm, morally-upright personality that others in a social setting will like.

They perhaps emphasized the need to speak well and to reflect a character that is honest and concerned with the collective well-being of the group in the context of oratory practices, like giving speeches to the community. However, they were ultimately harking at the need to be pleasant and trusted in order to have social and political influence. Without the latter, a leader may survive only for a short time. To achieve success, each one of us has to apply a simple set of rules that relate to how we carry ourselves among others. Below is a must-follow list:

1Genuine Smile 

Always greet people with a big, genuine smile. It can be a magical way to draw people towards you and give you influence among them. Offering a genuine smile is a sign that you are confident and generous. It sends the message that you feel good in your own skin and that you like those with whom you come into contact. It can also ease rapport and increase the confidence of those who come in touch with you. A smile can unlock people’s heart and undo their resistance making them easily open up about their lives. This is important because it enables you to help when in need and to socialize with those who would otherwise be isolated from social interactions. In short, the gift of smiling can be an empowering thing. It is a generous act that cements relationships and helps create an environment of peace and union. It is also a great way to increase your chances of leaving a great first impression during business meetings, job interviews, and first dates.