The Power of Positivity: Lessons to Guide Your life

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As a person who is seeking success in life,being around positive people, is your way to gain much lifes lessons in the right way,and stay motivated daily,and never ever collaborate with negative people,they will make you down with their negative thinking,positive people always thinking of any straggling situation as a great opportunity to gain more knowledge ,and keep moving forward,and always challenging themselves, to overcome any difficulty in their way,and they focus on successful thing,that what can inspire you to move on,and be open to any opportunity that you can learn something new,learning and keep growing to become effective person in life , be positive and spread your positive energy to inspire others, always focus on positive triggers to keep your vibration positive.

Communicate with yourself the right way,and benefit the power of positively, and drive your life to the top of everything, your thought will become actions,so adopt a positive thinking habit, dream bigger and act immediately, when you get the opportunity,do not delay it ,a positive personality,is a gift to your community or society,because the positive and optimistic people have a vision about the future,and they create the hope in their daily living,everyone need hope,in a life that is full of pessimism, a hope to happiness and peaceful world,in this article I am going to show you 3 books that inspired me and I learned a lot when I read it.

Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind

2The Optimism Bias: A Tour of the Irrationally Positive Brain

By Tali Sharot

Great book,which connect neuroscience with behavior and social traditions, also it discusses how is the brain of both pessimism and optimism people,and how our brain shape our view about life and situations, if you want to know about the brain’s functionality, this book is for you,our psychological mentality plays a major role in our behaviors toward people, and life as well,great book that offer a psychological study about brain and its function,and how we can be optimistic in life.