It’s never too late to say Sorry


photo credit to : Lehlen Hollywood YouTube channel

Sometimes in  life ,as a human being ,we commit  many mistakes with friends ,family ,colleagues in works ,or either the closest people to our life like girlfriend ,boyfriend ,wife ,husband ,etc ,and we find many  difficulties  and obstacles to  apologies and break the ice and get the relation back ,its an easy word (i am sorry) ,but to say i am sorry to someone ,it does not mean that he\she forgives you ,you should know   how to do it in a proper way ,because a  sincere apology does not need a response, It is about when  you apologizing for your contribution to what you did  , also a sincere apology can be effective  medicine with great  value ,and a strong bridge that will link  the emotions between  the giver and the recipient as well .

If you do not know the fundamental of a  heartfelt apology,that make an effective result and felt by you as well as the person that you want to apologies to  ,here are some ideas and creative ways  to say i am sorry .

11 be simple ,be yourself 

Just try to be yourself and take fully responsibility about your mistake .and say  i am sorry , and tell her or him how wrong you were ,and try to show how much value  you have to that person , do not follow your ego .its your first enemy that will keep you away to get your special person back