The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You Have No Money


photo credit:Meredith Foster YouTube channel.

Everyone has a savings priorities in his/her saving for retirement,or for living expenses in advance,for paying a college degree.etc. Did you wish one day to travel t

o somewhere abroad? ,but your financial situations stop you,because you have a minimum wage job, or you are a student that he\she can’t offer the trip expenses,you are jobless that still living in his/her parents house, and so many cases that prevent you to explore the world,however there are many ways to fulfill your desires to enjoy the beautiful places in the world, and to get many Opportunities, and for free, to make it easy for you,I made a list of the best ways to travel for free and that make you save and gain money as well.

1working abroad

There are plenty of chances around the world as long as you are flexible with people and have a social life skills that gives you the ability to network with others and grab some opportunities for you, its not a lifetime job,it’s a way to get some cash and enjoy your travel, its like a funding travel job,here are some job you can look for during your trip overseas.

Au pair world

Is a company that,helps families to connect with their Au pair match if you love working with children, there are families that are looking for someone like you to help take care of their children.,

Let your talent pay your trip



Do you have the talent to entertain,like singing or dancing,or any kind of entertainment,your place is with cruise ship company,you will travel for free,and they will pay you when you are enjoyed and perform what you love as well.