what this dog did to this child will surprise you


Dog is real friend, that is why people like to bond dogs more than other animals,they can interact with their owners and learn fast,which they follow the commands,also when you teach them how to interact with your family,another story will begin,especially with your kids,dogs like to play with babies and their interaction will meet your heart,in the video below,it contains an amazing story,about families and their dogs,and how they protect their babies.also what strange in the video especially in the last minute.the parent who let their baby was trying to take away the bowl of the dog while it is eating, i think they are irresponsible.

Because even if you train your dog really well,is still has an aggressive tendency.and he could hurt the baby,especially in this situation the dog is eating,and when you tease him,it can be dangerous,any way,it is an adorable video,i hope you will enjoy it like i did,and do not forget to share it with your friend