Discover the Top Ways To Make Your Dog Happy: Improving Your Dog’s Quality Of Life


Animals and pets are  a  great source of happiness , and it  has   a great  influence to Our well being ,the most  people in the world own  a kind of pet ,this superb relationship between humans and their pet ,from thousand years ago till now  ,its a good combination between them and their environment,that lead to happiness ,and joy ,this significant  relationships , become a part of our lives.when you decide  to own a pet ,you should look for a way to build a healthy relationship between you and your pet .

that is why the people treat their pet like a member of their family ,by offering them their special place ,share with them their life secret ,however ,the pet plays an important role in our lives , they can be a great company that reduce your   loneliness feeling ,also they help you improve your life  ,by running or walking with them, will   keep you  healthy  . especially cats and dogs ,These days become something necessary for families ,to own a dog or cat ,because they bring cheerfulness  to them ,especially if you own a dog ,it needs a full involvement with your family ,its a kind of emotional needs ,dogs are social  ,it needs to interact with you ,in this article i will show you how to make your dog day so special .

1Rewards boost your dog’s  happiness

Rewarding your dog can be a great  behavior toward him,by buying a new toys ,and Give it to him,it can  be very effective ,also make a homemade food for your dog ,it is going to be a great gift ,as a reward ,and a  healthy treatment as well,just your presence ,and spend a few time with,its very rewarding indeed.but you should be consistent in rewarding ,it means  always try to  reward the desired attitude  and never  ever reward undesired behavior.especially when your puppy is learning  a new behavior ,its the best moment of rewarding ,and say something with  it ,and  couple the reward   with a smile  and happy face, it will help your dog understand  ,what he did .its a reinforcement for your dog  training too .