How To Determine Which Food is Safe & Effective For Your Dog


   Pets are a joy in human being life ,owning a pet is something special ,because ,it will improve your physical and mental health as well,however in the other hand your pet happiness is your responsibility ,that is why you should plan a balanced and healthy diet for your dog or any kind of pets that you own.

     Sometimes ,the strong love that you have toward your pet ,you want to share with him the best that you offer for yourself as well ,like food for example ,you want to feed your pet the best ,even what you have for you  as a human ,however you should know that some human food your pet can not eat it ,and it could poisoning him ,or making him a severe healthy problems,in this article i am going to talk about what you should and shouldn’t  feed your dog as example .

11 Shrimp 

whenever you cook the shrimps ,and it is better to be well done , is OK for him do not forget,to peel the shrimps ,and feed it to your dog in small piece .never ever feed your dog   raw shrimp,because it has bacteria ,that will  affect your dog health.