Wow, best trainer ever ,see how these pit bulls wait patiently for her instructions



Animals are just like us theyre shaped by environment, and as human being we should treat them really well,the bond between the person and his/her pet should be strong and has a sense of love and mercy toward animals,i think all the people agree that we should train our pet well,in order to make them interact the right way in the society,and make them friendly,however sometime we feel ashamed how people treat their pet,in the name of teaching them discipline and to follow instructions especially in the video below when a family put food in the front of sex pit bulls and not let them eating until give them the right to start,honestly there is something in the video,which is interesting and strange at the same time,the most dangerous dogs,are waiting the instructions of a girl between 4 or 5 years old ,this video received more than 4 million views on YouTube and still.


what do you think about the family attitude toward the dogs,and how do you see the strong attitude of the little girl,please share the video and tell us your opinion in the comment about this issue and how humans should respect animals feeling.


What do you think ?