What’s a Heartwarming Video.what happened will melt your heart


Have you ever seen your dog or cat cry with tears from their eyes as a feeling of sadness or happiness too, i think the most people they do not believe on that ,because pet they have such a limit capacity of feeling,however in my opinion i think it is possible,why not,when we find such a strong bond between someone and his/her pet,and how pets react to their owners,but what i saw in the video below is something too emotional when a mom dog showing tears,when they bring her puppies back to her,anyway this video made may day,and i hope it will make your day too,and if you like it please share it with your friends


basically  animals can show tears as a result of allergies, or respiratory infections,that is why is better to take your dog to a veterinarian,to see what is going on with the dog health,however   i hope as a human being understand that other creatures have the right to live the life in peace,and love,and we should spread love,especially if you own a pet,you should take care of him and understand his behavior

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