Superb Ways to Get Healthy and Shiny Hair in easy steps


Many  people are suffering of hair loss problem , and unhealthy look too , and theydo not know what causes hair loss ,and how they can prevent ,this this problem that
devastate their lifestyle,however there are many reasons for this case ,start with genetic problems,or hormones disorder ,and some medical situations,however many other factors like having a poor diet, overuse of chemical hair care and  styling products  can damage your hair looking and make it less strong and unhealthy and dry.


1.   The secret to have a healthy hair

        The secret to have a healthy hair and prevent hair loss is not using chemical hair care  or  other product,to get a super shiny  hair that will give you a great looking is to switch  to natural  versions ,that will help your hair and gives much need ,also to have a shiny  hair ,is not about using an expensive product .its all about having a healthy diet that  will feed your hair with natural ingredients,eating a super healthy food ,is the secret to  get your healthiest hair ever  ,here are some food that will boost your health hair and  make it more strong and shiny